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 (zĕn′ə-trăns′plănt, zē′nə-)
1. A transplant of tissue or an organ from an individual of one species to an individual of a different species.
2. The organ or tissue transplanted in such a procedure; a xenograft.

xen′o·trans′plant v.
xen′o·trans′plan·ta′tion (-plăn-tā′shən) n.


(Surgery) surgery an operation in which an organ or tissue is transferred from one animal to another of a different species
ˌxenoˌtransplanˈtation n


(ˈzɛn əˌtræns plænt, -plɑnt, ˈzi nə-)
xen`o•trans`plan•ta′tion, n.
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Noun1.xenotransplant - a surgical procedure in which tissue or whole organs are transfered from one species to another species
organ transplant, transplantation, transplant - an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient); "he had a kidney transplant"; "the long-term results of cardiac transplantation are now excellent"; "a child had a multiple organ transplant two months ago"


n. xenotransplante, proceso de transplantar un órgano o parte de una especie a otra.
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The researchers showed that local low-dose gamma irradiation causes normalization of aberrant vasculature and efficient recruitment of tumor-specific T cells in human pancreatic carcinomas and also T-cell-mediated tumor rejection in spontaneous and xenotransplant (foreign tissue transplant) mouse models for tumor research.
To our surprise however, we found that the iPC cells lost the ability to initiate tumours as subcutaneous xenotransplant in mice.
2006, Human prolactin receptors are insensitive to mouse prolactin: implications for xenotransplant modeling of human breast cancer in mice.
Current scientific data have not supported such possibilities, despite hundreds of xenotransplant studies introducing human neurons into the mouse brain," they wrote.
Transplant surgeons say one of the largest obstacles they face is the immense cost of carrying out xenotransplant experiments.
In our preliminary studies in animals, we observed only minor local inflammation caused by degraded capsules with a xenotransplant.
Pigs are considered as the best alternative xenotransplant organ donor for humans because of the anatomical and physiological similarities of pig organ size with humans, economic benefit of their quick reproductive capability and the relatively decreased ethical concerns with pig sacrifice compared with primates (Lee and Moran, 2001).
KEY WORDS: animal model, fetal testis, human, mouse, multinucleated germ cells, phthalate, rat, seminiferous cords, testicular dysgenesis, xenotransplant.
Among their topics are the reproductive biology and spawning of zebrafish in laboratory settings, in vivo recording of the adult zebrafish electrocardiogram, methods for assessing neurotoxicity in zebrafish, developing a hypoxia-induced zebrafish choroidal neovascularization model, and zebrafish xenotransplant cancer model for drug screening.
The most famous xenotransplant case was "Baby Fae," a six day old German girl who died 20 days after receiving a baboon's heart in 1984.
Since early stages of clinical xenotransplant trials have hinted that the same might be true in humans, having access to more sensitive and precise ways to measure key biomarkers in these unique models is imperative.
The insurance providers may not cover expenses of a xenotransplant.