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(ˈzɪər ɪˌskeɪ pɪŋ)

also xe′ri•scape`,

environmental design of residential and park land using various methods for minimizing the need for water use.
[1980–85; xer(ic) + (land)scaping]
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From there we progressed to Xeriscaping or using plants that required very little water.
With a foreword by Bay Area plant maven Flora Grubb, this sophisticated xeriscaping bible serves up stunning design ideas for environmentally friendly landscapes.
Since then, this method of using local plant species has been named xeriscaping. These thrifty, common-sense strategies stand in contrast to the hugely expensive high-tech LEED requirements (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) now widely regarded as the one way to environmental building by the building industry.
The report highlights that focusing on irrigation efficiency by promoting xeriscaping, which is a form of landscaping that uses native, drought-resistant plants that are succulent, and water
The company has reworked damaged pet areas with the xeriscaping technique of using rock and decomposed granite instead of grass and turf.
Xeriscaping or the use of drought-resistant plants conserves water.
Landscaping specifically to require little irrigation can be achieved with xeriscaping, as native and drought-resistant plants will typically require little water outside of rain allowance.
In fiscal 2016, NAVSUP FLC Pearl Harbor executed several energy conservation and xeriscaping projects, continued efforts to minimize purchase and storage of hazardous material throughout the region, collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency to improve operation and maintenance of underground storage tanks, and conducted several command engagement and community outreach events.
water efficiency, water reuse, C[O.sub.2] monitoring, xeriscaping, etc.) ENERGY EFFICIENCY GOALS 8 Overall efficiency of building: meet California Energy Code or exceed by (%) 9 Lighting system efficiency: meet California Energy Code or exceed by (%) 10 HVAC equipment efficiency and characteristics 11 Other measures affecting energy efficiency desired by owner (e.g.
Are your clients becoming more interested in xeriscaping and other efforts to reduce water consumption?
Xeriscaping is defined as "quality landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment" (Xeriscape, 2015).