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Flourishing in a very dry environment.

xe·roph′i·ly n.
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(Biology) (of plants or animals) adapted for growing or living in dry surroundings
xerophile n
xeˈrophily n
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(zɪˈrɒf ə ləs)

(of an organism) adapted to a dry environment.
xe•roph′i•ly, n.
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The vegetation of sandy desert territories of Turkmenistan is typically xerophilous with wide endemic diversity of species.
Arg) is xerophilous lacticiferous, toxic to animals when ingested in natura (Amorim, Medeiros, & Riet-Correa, 2005), but innocuous as hay or silage.
This biome has a large number of plant associations and floristic complexes with different physiognomies, including xerophilous, deciduous trees, thorny bushes, cactus, and bromeliads, varying from grassland to xerophytic thorn savanna, and shrub woodland (Barbosa et al., 2006).
Echolocation calls of emballonurid bats in a xerophilous savannah of the Colombian Caribbean
Two species, Blaps gigas and Pimelia valdani dominate tenebrionid beetles while Chrysomelidae are represented mainly by Timarcha tenebricosa and beetles by Heliotaurus caeruleus, floricultural species and Tentyria interruptus, xerophilous species and psammophile very abundant in the steppe and desert arid and a varied regime of the same type as that of the Blaps [83,6].
Moreover, sorghum can be considered as a plant with xerophilous characteristics, low soil fertility requirements and resistant/tolerant to drought and salinity.
The main vegetation unit in the Acarau River and its tributaries is dominated by Caatinga (a seasonal, xerophilous thorn woodland/shrubland), and the area's climate is classified as tropical hot semi-arid (Maia et al.
It inhabits the Tepalcatepec Valley characterized by xerophilous scrubland in the Balsas River Basin in the state of Michoacan.
Park et al., "Comparative EST profiles of leaf and root of Leymus chinensis, a xerophilous grass adapted to high pH sodic soil," Plant Science, vol.