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Extreme dryness and thickening of the conjunctiva, often resulting from a deficiency of vitamin A.

xer′oph·thal′mic adj.
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(Pathology) pathol excessive dryness of the cornea and conjunctiva, caused by a deficiency of vitamin A. Also called: xeroma
ˌxerophˈthalmic adj
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(ˌzɪər ɒfˈθæl mi ə, -ɒp-)

abnormal dryness of the eye caused by a deficiency of tears.
[1650–60; xer- + ophthalmia]
xe`roph•thal′mic, adj.
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xerophthalmia, xerophthalmy

a form of conjunctivitis, the result of a deficiency of vitamin A, marked by a dry and dull condition of the eyeball. Also called xeroma.
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Noun1.xerophthalmia - abnormal dryness of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eyes; may be due to a systemic deficiency of vitamin A
dryness, waterlessness, xerotes - the condition of not containing or being covered by a liquid (especially water)
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n. xeroftalmia, sequedad excesiva de la conjuntiva causada por deficiencia de vitamina A.
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As a result of insufficient secretion of the lacrimal gland xerophthalmia can occur, the drying of the cornea.
It can also affect the eye directly, causing xerophthalmia and secondary infection, resulting in conjunctivitis and periorbital swelling.
Events such as surface inflammation (allergic disease), topical preservative toxicity (loss of goblet cells) or altered mucin expression (xerophthalmia) all have different entry points.
Under the agreement, MeiraGTx will receive worldwide rights to adeno-associated virus vector mediated gene delivery of aquaporin-1, designated AAV-AQP1, for Sjogren's syndrome patients with associated xerostomia or xerophthalmia. The license agreement includes standard and customary U.S.
Statistical studies show that, the implementation of vitamin A through fortified edible oils has significantly decreased xerophthalmia and VAD by 74-90%, worldwide.
Malunggay is also rich in vitamin A (higher than red and green mung beans, radish or eggplant), thus helping prevent xerophthalmia, a disease of the eye.
Patients with IgG4-RS have less symptoms of xerophthalmia, xerostomia, or arthralgia than patients with SS.
Night blindness, xerophthalmia and other eye diseases are the symptoms ofshortage of vitamin A and A beta-carotene.
Xerophthalmia and vitamin A deficiency in an autistic child with a restricted diet.
A 64-year-old male with a history of childhood glomerulonephritis developed significant sicca symptoms (xerophthalmia, xerostomia, and significant parotid swelling) after 3 cycles of pembrolizumab.
It affects globally 0.05-1% of people, with manifestations including xerostomia (dry mouth), dental caries, and xerophthalmia (dry eye) [1].
With the history of xerostomia and xerophthalmia without any secondary causes for them, SS was suspected, which was later confirmed by the significantly raised titers of anti-Ro/SSA and/or anti-La/SSB antibodies and positive Schirmer test (4.8 mm in 5 minutes) as per the latest classification criteria [6].