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A plant adapted to surviving with little water.

xer′o·phyt′ic (-fĭt′ĭk) adj.
xer′o·phyt′i·cal·ly adv.
xer′o·phyt′ism (-fī′tĭz-əm, -fī-tĭz′-) n.
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Adj.1.xerophytic - adapted to a xeric (or dry) environmentxerophytic - adapted to a xeric (or dry) environment; "cacti are xerophytic plants"; "xerophytic adaptations"
xeric - being deficient in moisture; "deserts provide xeric environments"
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The passage of North American migratory land birds through xerophytic habitats on the western coast of Venezuela.
Most of the Chenopodiaceae are halophytes and these plants show xerophytic characters [2].
Et-12-11: 08[degrees]58'N 37[degrees]51'E, Ambo Plant Protection Research Center, xerophytic forest on vertisols, 2077 m, litter (sifter), 20.
The study area supported primarily species of plants adapted to conditions of drought (Rzedowski, 1978) and can be characterized as xerophytic scrubland; dominant genera of plants included Fouquieria, Cercidium, Bursera, Jatropha, Cyrtocarpa, Pachycereus, and Cholla.
Frequent oligolecty characterizings a diverse bee-plant community in a xerophytic bushland of subtropical Brazil.
Notes on the Anatomy of xerophytic fern Niphobolus adnascens from the Malay Peninsula.
South of the watershed, on the leeward side of the winds and rains, a narrow belt along the coast from Guantanamo Bay to the Point of Maisi receives less than 600 mm (24 inches) of rainfall yearly, and xerophytic thorn bushes predominate.
The two species of Picconia, both of which are xerophytic evergreens, grow on the islands of Macaronesia (Caetano Ferreira et al.
According to Moore, the 2009 team also visited the Doyle Conservation Center in Leominster, which uses geothermal heating and cooling technology, photovoltaic (solar) panels and landscaping that uses native and xerophytic plants, which requires little water to survive.
Aloe vera Linn belongs to the family Liliaceae is a xerophytic medicinal plant and can be grown even in rain fed conditions.