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1. Shaped like a sword.
2. Of or relating to the xiphoid process.

[Greek xiphoeidēs : xiphos, sword + -oeidēs, -oid.]


1. (Biology) biology shaped like a sword
2. (Zoology) of or relating to the xiphisternum
3. (Anatomy) of or relating to the xiphisternum
4. (Anatomy) Also called: xiphoid process Another name for xiphisternum
5. (Zoology) Also called: xiphoid process Another name for xiphisternum
[C18: from New Latin, from Greek, from xiphos sword + eidos form]


(ˈzɪf ɔɪd)

Zool. sword-shaped; ensiform.
[1740–50; < Greek xiphoeidḗs swordlike =xíph(os) sword + -oeidēs -oid]


a. xifoide, en forma de espada, similar al apéndice xifoide o ensiforme.
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An ultrasonographic examination was also performed using a cranioventral approach caudal to the xiphoid of the sternum.
A vernier caliper was used to measure the subcutaneous fat thickness after skin incision at the dorsal midline in front of the caudal vertebrae and intermuscular fat width at the end of the sternum xiphoid.
A respiratory pneumobelt was used to record chest wall movement and was placed around the chest at the inferior edge of the sternum near the xiphoid process.
A 5-mm assistant port was placed caudal and lateral to the xiphoid for liver retraction.
The abdomen was opened below the xiphoid process, and the pyloric end of the stomach was ligated avoiding any injuries to the adjacent blood vessels.
Each participant was given a cane that was as long as the vertical distance from the ground to 2 inches above the participant's xiphoid process (La Grow & Weessies, 1994).
2012) analyzed the effects of 12 weeks of combined aerobic and strength training in 24 elderly subjects, with 3 sessions per week in shallow water at xiphoid depth.
Therefore, it is good practice to routinely measure the thickness of subcutaneous fat on the chest midway between the nipples and on the abdomen midway between the xiphoid process and the umbilicus as rough indicators of nutritional status.
In adult patients with normal gastric anatomy, the length of tube, measuring from the nose, that has to be inserted so that the tip of the tube would lie in the body of the stomach can be estimated by using the formula {(NEX - 50)/2} +50, where NEX is nose to earlobe to xiphoid length in centimeters (13).
Right when one of the boys was being prepared for his circumcision, a young man with a gunshot wound just below his xiphoid was carried into the ER with low blood pressure and rapid heart rate.
Recently, a subcostal injection technique was described by Hebbard et al, in which local anaesthetic is delivered in the same plane with the insertion of the needle at the xiphoid and the needle path parallel to the costal margin (15).
Sixty minutes after administration of the drugs/vehicle, the animals were anaesthetized using anaesthetic ether and a midline incision was made just below the xiphoid process.