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Adj.1.xli - being one more than fortyxli - being one more than forty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Dual SRS air bags are now expected to be standard across all variants, although the inclusion of air bags in XLi remains unconfirmed.
Yet in another operation, ANF Lahore intercepted a Toyota Corolla XLI car near Faizpur Motorway Toll Plaza, Lahore and recovered 15 Kg Hashish concealed in it, also arresting person on board identified as Nadeem resident of Khyber Agency.
XLI Feria Internacional del libro Zocalo de la ciudad de Mexico.
ENERGY RESOURCE-31 January 2007-Super Bowl XLI Scores Green Touchdown as 100 Percent Renewable Energy Event(C)2007 JeraOne - http://www.
Fernando Gomez sera el nuevo director financiero, Archie Deneken estara en investigacion y mercadotecnia, Joseph Quesada en Sistemas, Luis Antonio Rodriguez tendra la direccion tecnica, Mauricio Vasquez dirigira Media Contaes Mexico, Eduardo Torres-Torija sera responsable de Planeacion Estrategica y nuevos negocios con el apoyo de Mauricio Montenegro y Montserrat Matus, en tanto en medios estaran Ernesto Oechller, Hectot Castillo y Juan Pablo Garcia Panasonic de Mexico lanzo su promocion "Vamos al Super Bowl", en la que mediante un concurso de Internet premiara a los ganadores con un viaje al Super Bowl XLI en Miami y otro viaje al juego del Pro Bowl a celebrar se en Honolulu .
Super Bowl XLI rings, for example, can be featured on cupcakes, which in turn will enable "partygoers to show off their 'bling' after dessert.
Once entered, consumers can win two tickets to any regular season NFL game and are also automatically entered in a separate drawing for tickets to the NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl XLI or the NFL Pro Bowl.
According to Thermo, Niton's XLi, XLp and XLt Series XRF analyzers determine approximate sample chemistries and identify many types of samples in as little as one second.
has created the XLi and XLt systems for handheld XRF alloy analysis.
NITON launched the XLi 800 and XLt 800 portable XRF alloy analyzers .
Some errors intruded into Max Chamberlain's paper, `Tailing the Boer -- Australian Mobile Operations in the Boer War', in Sabretache, Vol XLI, No 3, September 2000: