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Adj.1.xlvi - being six more than fortyxlvi - being six more than forty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Nuestro pais recibira en 2018 en la edicion XLVI del Festival Internacional Cervantino, en el estado de Guanajuato y en varias sedes alternas, a uno de los paises con mas diversidad cultural y artistica del mundo: India.
35 million viewers in Super Bowl XLVI against the New York Giants.
He also served on the Labor Relations Committee for the United States Chamber of Commerce and as co-chair of the legal committee for the Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.
Wilfork was on the losing end of the Patriots' last two Super Bowl appearances before this one -- a 17-14 setback to the Giants here in Super Bowl XLII and a 21-17 defeat to the Giants again in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.
The 38-year-old rapper famously took the stage at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show in 2012, when she held out her middle finger to the crowd, the Huffington Post reported.
As a Super Bowl XLVI Champion with the NY Giants Michael 's next stop was the NY/NJ Super Bowl XLVIII where he connected with former teammate and childhood friend NYG Punter Steve Weatherford for a fantasy football Panel on the Bethenny show.
An example of an "Eye Rhyme" with humor intact is XLVI.
Which two teams contested the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI game in Indianapolis?
When the Super Bowl XLVI coin toss fell in their favor, Papa Rewards members were automatically sent a unique email, featuring a one-time promo code for a free pizza.
The device supports up to five 3G or 4G modems simultaneously from any cellular provider, which enables news crews to broadcast live from the most challenging environments, like Super Bowl XLVI.
Assam: Mandate for Peace and Development', Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVI, No.