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n. pl. xo·los Informal
A xoloitzcuintli.
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It's clear the Little Boy, Little Girl, Big Giant and, of course, Xolo have won all our hearts -and dominated our cameras.
An estimated 1.3m people converged on Liverpool's waterfront for the finale of Liverpool's Dream - Giants Spectacular as the Big Giant, the Little Boy and Xolo said goodbye to the city and to the world as their final public performance reached its climax.
Giant dog Xolo has proved to be a massive favourite again this year - but not all of his fans are human.
The Xolo Play Tab has very similar hardware as the Nexus 7 2012.
They were even treated to a glimpse of Xolo - the magical dog who has walked our streets before.
XOLO, the premium smart devices brand, today launched XOLO ERA X - for break-free performance with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 4G VoLTE .
Indigenous smartphone maker, Xolo has announced a new phablet dubbed as PocketPad Q2500 in India.
Xolo the dog loves Liverpool, and he was more than happy to give the Little Boy Giant a tour of some of the sights, as the latter enjoyed his first walk through the city.
Xolo will be accompanying The Little Boy Giant on his walk from St George's Hall through the city centre and to Princes Park in Toxteth.
XOLO, the premium smart devices brand, today launched XOLO ERA 4G - for unmatched 4G experience.