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Noun1.XVII - the cardinal number that is the sum of sixteen and oneXVII - the cardinal number that is the sum of sixteen and one
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
Adj.1.XVII - being one more than sixteenxvii - being one more than sixteen    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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(xvii), and to "Demeter" (xiii) are mere abstracts of the longer hymns iv, xxxiii, and ii.
Ulysses and Eumaeus reached the town which was "some way off" (xvii. 25) in time for the suitor's early meal (xvii.
She probably originally meant to call her Euryclea, but finding it not immediately easy to make Euryclea scan in xvii. 495, she hastily called her Eurynome, intending either to alter this name later or to change the earlier Euryclea's into Eurynome.
So at the top of Chapter XVII I put a "Calendar" remark concerning July the Fourth, and began the chapter with this statistic:
A jaunty little feather of water curled in front of it, and as it lifted it showed a long ladder of Roman numerals - XV., XVI., XVII., XVIII., and so forth - on a salmon-coloured, gleaming side.
What have they done for Louis XVII, for the Queen, or for Madame Elizabeth?
And punctual to his word, on the next day the Charge d'Affaires presented Jos and the Major to Victor Aurelius XVII, being conducted to their audience with that sovereign by the Count de Schlusselback, Marshal of the Court.
(Leviticus, xvii, 7.) The satyr was at first a member of the dissolute community acknowledging a loose allegiance with Dionysius, but underwent many transformations and improvements.
I take great pleasure and pride in announcing our sponsorship of the Indian contingent to the XX Commonwealth Games and the XVII Asian Games."
Lawrence XVII, Hangman is the unabridged audiobook of a dark thriller about the return of a serial child killer.
THESE are the men charged with the task of bringing success to Huddersfield Giants in Super League XVII.