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Adj.1.xxxv - being five more than thirtyxxxv - being five more than thirty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Look back for a further illustration of this point of view to the scene at Benjamin's house (Chapter XXXV.
Invitation to tender: the one-year supply of medicines - xxxv with a view to concluding a framework agreement for a one-year period with several economic operators
The 37-year-old and seven-time All-Pro has been the heart and soul of Baltimore since he was drafted out of Miami in 1996, and was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXV in the Ravens victory over the Giants.
The tour is titled XXXV to celebrate the band's 35 years in music.
The tour, XXXV, celebrates their 35 years in the business.
If Arthur and his PMs had gone through the formal requirements cycle (using their proper Latin on a standard form XVII-B) We could undoubtedly have squeezed them into the schedule within the next XXXV to XL years.
Latin-American school of physics XXXV ELAF; supersummetries in physics and its application; proceedings.
Experimental Biology 2005 and XXXV International World Congress of Physiological Sciences.
PYT even performed at Super Bowl XXXV alongside Sting and Aerosmith.
Saint-Saens' Fantaisie in D flat has little to commend it either; and Tournemire's liturgically intended L'Orgue Mystique Suite XXXV (goodness knows what the other 34 are like) is just too boring to warrant a place in recitals.
After using the jerky picture machine three years ago in Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, Fla.
Although best-known for their extravagant folk/rock style, the band has, in recent years, evolved into a tight, acoustic outfit Their latest album, appropriately titled XXXV, focuses on new songs written by their fiddler Chris Leslie.