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Feeding on or obtaining nutrition from wood: a xylophagous beetle; xylophagous fungi.


(Zoology) (of certain insects, crustaceans, etc) feeding on or living within wood


(zaɪˈlɒf ə gəs)

feeding on, perforating, or decomposing wood, as certain insects, insect larvae, or crustaceans.
[1835–45; < Greek xylophágos. See xylo-, -phagous]
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The work will include the restoration of all the decorations in the main gallery of the Chteau de Maintenon, ie: - Treatment of ceiling cracks (restoration of surface continuity and restoration of continuity - visualization of painted decorations) - Restoration of gypseries and cardboard casts and restoration of missing parts - Restoration of plaster vaults on baccula- Cleaning of all decorations (walls,restorations of bays vaults and ceilings) - Refixing of the original painted decorations - Restoration and complements of painted decoration dito existing decors - Removal and restoration of damaged panels - Treatment of all exposed woodwork and masonry against insects with xylophagous larvae and lignivorous fungi.
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Natural resistance of four Amazon woods submitted to xylophagous fungal infection under laboratory conditions
2011), decreased levels of physical and mechanical properties are due to the weakening of the cell wall of the wood caused by the action of xylophagous fungus.
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The sampled herbivorous insects were grouped into three guilds according to their feeding habit--sap-sucking, folivorous and xylophagous (Weis & Berenbaum, 1989).
2002), it has long been known that thermal modification processes lead to chemical changes in wood's structure, which improves its dimensional stability and resistance against attack by xylophagous.
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