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A crystalline monosaccharide, C5H10O5, that is a component of most hemicelluloses in plants. Also called wood sugar.


(ˈzaɪləʊz; -ləʊs)
(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline dextrorotatory sugar found in the form of xylan in wood and straw. It is extracted by hydrolysis with acids and used in dyeing, tanning, and in foods for diabetics. Formula: C5H10O5


(ˈzaɪ loʊs)

a colorless pentose sugar, C5H10O5, used in dyeing, tanning, and diabetic foods.
[1890–95; < Greek xýl(on) wood + -ose2]
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Noun1.xylose - a sugar extracted from wood or straw; used in foods for diabetics
carbohydrate, saccharide, sugar - an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals; includes simple sugars with small molecules as well as macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
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Results of various studies have shown that xylose as a nectar sugar does not commonly form a large constituent of nectar consumed by Cape sugarbirds, although it is present in a small proportion of the Proteaceae, which form a large part of the Cape sugarbirds nectar diet.
The synthesis of xylanases and cellulases is repressed if easily metabolizable carbon source like glucose, cellobiose, xylose, or xylobiose is present [12].
The utilization of cashew is recommended, due to its nutritional composition containing phenolic compounds, flavonoids, tannins, sugars like glucose and xylose and ascorbic acid (Sousa et al.
It seems that the yeast Pichia stipitis, among pentose's fermenting microorganisms, is able to ferment xylose and hexose in ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate under relevant conditions in the bioconversion process, such as pH, temperature, oxygen, agitation and composition of the medium (Hahn-Hagerdal, Linden, Senac, & Skoog, 1991; Ryding, Niklasson, & Liden, 1993; Sunitha, Lee, & Oh, 1999; Nigam, 2001; Agbogbo, Haagensen, Milam, & Wenger, 2008; Farias, Andrade, & Maugeri Filho, 2013).
59 %, which might be due to most of pentose sugar (xylose) left unfermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae as cotton stalk hydrolysate contains both xylose and glucose.
tarda can be isolated on Edwardsiella Isolation Media (EIM), Brain Heart Infusion (BHI), Tryptic Soya Agar (TSA), Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate(XLD) and MacConkey.
Acetyl xylan esterase (AXE), an enzyme able to hydrolyze ester linkages at position C-2 and/or C-3 of the acetyl groups in xylose moieties of naturally acetylated xylans, was first isolated from a crude culture of the filamentous fungus Schizophyllum commune (Biely, 1985).
In addition, xylose was found only in mealybug honeydew, and glucose was found only in aphid honeydew.
This may be with respect to sugar composition such as the proportions of xylose, sucrose, fructose and glucose (Ecroyd et al.
The carbohydrate content varies from 3 to 28 %, as xylose, ribose, rhamnose, glucose, sucrose and mannitol etc.