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(zɪst) ,




1. (Architecture) a long portico, esp one used in ancient Greece for athletics
2. (Architecture) (in ancient Rome) a covered garden walk or one lined with trees
[C17: from Latin xystus, from Greek xustos, literally: smoothed, polished (area), from xuein to scrape, make smooth]
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I would venture, with great hesitation, the following reading, based on a combination of the inscriptions on both sides of the seal: (1) ct yx xyst y(x) bl y / p sp [= raz-et e hist e bare/pasb].
abed abut adze azon bade balk balm bars bast bats beat bona bras chid daze done dope duct duet efts faze fest lets hide hied hist hits hong hopi join lamb meld mend nimh node nots onyx oped opts polk post pots pout pros reds refs rust ruts serf shit shri sith snot sorn spot stab stop Styx tabs tabu teds this thug tons tops tuba unto vugh xyst