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A surgical instrument for scraping bones.

[Greek xūstēr, scraper, from xūein, to scrape.]


(Surgery) a surgical instrument for scraping bone; surgical rasp or file
[C17: via New Latin from Greek: tool for scraping, from xuein to scrape, make smooth]
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The Panamic stingray (Urotrygon aspidura), rasptail skate (Raja velezi), brown smoothhound (Mustelus henlei), and witch guitarfish (Zapteryx xyster) accounted for more than 66% of the elasmobranch abundance within the bycatch.
He had seen the slaughterhouse Inspector lean over his damp pit, sniff, and move on because it smelled like rage and discontent in there, and death hadn't yet flown down with its xyster. I hope this passage gives some indication of the richness of Le's prose.