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A man who owns or sails a yacht.


(ˈjɒtsmən) or feminine


n, pl -men or -women
(Nautical Terms) a person who sails a yacht or yachts
ˈyachtsmanˌship n


(ˈyɒts mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who owns or sails a yacht.
yachts′man•ship`, n.
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.yachtsman - a person who owns or sails a yachtyachtsman - a person who owns or sails a yacht  
crewman, sailor - any member of a ship's crew
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e-r sem stundar siglingar


[ˈjɒtsmən] N (yachtsmen (pl)) → balandrista m, deportista m náutico


[ˈjɒtsmən] nnavigateur m, yachtman m, yachtsman m


n pl <-men> → Segler m


[ˈjɒtsmən] n (-men (pl)) → yachtsman m inv


(jot) noun
a boat or small ship, usually with sails, often with an engine, built and used for racing or cruising. We spent our holidays on a friend's yacht; (also adjective) a yacht race.
ˈyachting noun
the pastime of sailing in a yacht.
ˈyachtsman (ˈjots-) noun
a person who sails a yacht. a keen yachtsman.
yacht club
a club for yacht-owners.
References in classic literature ?
As to the 52-foot linear raters, praised so much by the writer, I am warmed up by his approval of their performances; but, as far as any clear conception goes, the descriptive phrase, so precise to the comprehension of a yachtsman, evokes no definite image in my mind.
Then I bethought me of the great yachtsman's knife he always carried, and I came to him and spoke to him, first softly, then loudly.
We knew him already by sight as the owner of a little five-ton cutter, which he sailed alone apparently, a fellow yachtsman in the unpretending band of fanatics who cruise at the mouth of the Thames.
"All right, captain," Charley said to the disconsolate yachtsman, who smiled in sickly fashion at the title.
The yachtsman, who has sailed solo around the world three times, is understood to have a handheld very high frequency (VHF) radio with a range of around seven to 10 miles, which could contact passing ships.
RNLI volunteers had to rescue a yachtsman whose boat became trapped in a fishing line off the North Wales coast.
ROYAL Navy flight crews came to the aid of a British yachtsman stricken in rough seas in the Bay of Biscay.
Both are active and successful yachtsman, Jeremy helming his East Coast 31 Tingari in Division 3 of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron harbour fleet, the 80-year-old Forbes skippering his ocean racer Merlin, a Kaiko 52, to 16th IRC overall and fourth in IRC Division 2 of the recent 70th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.
Initially, I was hoping that about 20 boats would get involved but, after my initial visit to Newcastle, NE1 made it clear to me that the city was very keen to have us here, and once I conveyed this to my fellow yachtsman it really wasn't very difficult to persuade them to make the trip.
Last week, Olympic yachtsman Last week, Olympic yachtsman Sir Ben Ainslie and his new wife Sir Ben Ainslie and his new wife had to be rescued by island had to be rescued by island staff when their boat nearly got staff when their boat nearly got wrecked on a nearby reef.
A YACHTSMAN reported missing has been found alive and well on his craft in the North Sea.
Summary: Australia: An Antarctic cruise ship was Saturday racing to rescue a French yachtsman who had ...