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A man who owns or sails a yacht.


(ˈjɒtsmən) or feminine


n, pl -men or -women
(Nautical Terms) a person who sails a yacht or yachts
ˈyachtsmanˌship n


(ˈyɒts mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who owns or sails a yacht.
yachts′man•ship`, n.
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.yachtsman - a person who owns or sails a yachtyachtsman - a person who owns or sails a yacht  
crewman, sailor - any member of a ship's crew
يَخْتي: صاحِب أو قائِد اليَخْت
e-r sem stundar siglingar


[ˈjɒtsmən] N (yachtsmen (pl)) → balandrista m, deportista m náutico


[ˈjɒtsmən] nnavigateur m, yachtman m, yachtsman m


n pl <-men> → Segler m


[ˈjɒtsmən] n (-men (pl)) → yachtsman m inv


(jot) noun
a boat or small ship, usually with sails, often with an engine, built and used for racing or cruising. We spent our holidays on a friend's yacht; (also adjective) a yacht race.
ˈyachting noun
the pastime of sailing in a yacht.
ˈyachtsman (ˈjots-) noun
a person who sails a yacht. a keen yachtsman.
yacht club
a club for yacht-owners.
References in classic literature ?
You yachtsmen with your wands, who think we are all there to gaze on you, your ships are only accidents of this place, and were they all to be boarded and sunk by the ducks the real business of the Round Pond would be carried on as usual.
Rabat Yachtsmen from Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Morocco, and the US are participating in the Gibraltar Morocco Yacht Rally to support the Red Cross.The rally started Friday, August 23, when the yachtsmen sailed from Gibraltar to the Tanja Marina Bay in Tangier, Morocco.
I am not an experienced sailor, but love watching documentaries of top class yachtsmen wrestling with the rigours of keeping a boat afloat in gale force winds and driving rain.
Yachtsmen of the Sailing Federation of Azerbaijan(SFA) won the Caspian Cup international sailing regatta of yachts in the Kazakh city of Aktau, the federation informed on August 16.
Small ports in Latvia have rather high potential to attract local and foreign yachtsmen, who could travel along Latvia's coastline from port to port, Arturs Dombrovskis, a representative of the Riga Planning Region and an expert of the SmartPort project, said at the sailing season's opening event at the Auda Yacht Club in Riga today.
David Forbes is one of Australia's most successful but modest yachtsmen, a world champion, Olympic gold medallist and an Australian representative in major international yachting events.
When NE1 found out that the trip had a fixed sailing route and couldn't divert to Newcastle, they were still keen for our yachtsmen to come to visit the new marina to experience what it, the city and the wider North East has to offer.
"It is important that yachtsmen planning this sort of passage have adequate communications and log a passage plan with a shore contact.
THE Queen's former yachtsmen yesterday carried out sea trials on the royal yacht Britannia's barge, which is to play a key part in th Diamond Jubilee.
Kyrgyz yachtsmen Ilya Ignatiev and Vladimir Soleny won the Royal race of 20 miles in Thailand, said the Sailing Federation of Kyrgyzstan.
It is understood that the yachtsmen are being towed to international waters.