yadda yadda yadda

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yad·da yad·da yad·da

or ya·da ya·da ya·da  (yä′də yä′də yä′də)
adv. Informal
And so forth; et cetera.

[Imitative of long-winded or voluble speech.]

yadda yadda yadda

(ˌjædəjædəˈjædə) or

yada yada yada

slang US tedious or long-winded talk
[C20: of uncertain origin; possibly imitative of the sound of someone talking at length in a dull manner]
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Suddenly, it occurred to me, the dentist wasn't really talking about history; he was talking about Yada Yada Yada History.
I've made reference in some of my work to black Americans who pridefully say, "Well, I've never set foot in one of those villages," and "Those people sort of take you for all you have," and yada yada yada.
This debate could have been boiled down to ten minutes apiece of yada yada yada talking points.
Anyway, someone ended up getting beaten to death and he can't remember if he did it or not, yada yada yada.
You already know the story: DK makes off with Mario's girl, Mario chases him, they fight, yada yada yada.
Takes his seat, whistle goes, 22 players chase bag of wind, yada yada yada.
How prices have gone through the roof yada yada yada, how we might have to move to up-and-coming areas blah blah blah.