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n.1.(Mil.) In the German army, one belonging to a body of light infantry armed with rifles, resembling the chasseur of the French army.
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Were all waiting in anticipation for what happens next without really knowing where it will go, Yager said.
GET ON THE YAGER (Dan Skelton) THE seven-year-old landed his biggest chasing success when getting up on the line to win the Rowland Meyrick at Wetherby.
As the concepts of assisted suicide and the 'right to die' become more accepted in society, "There's a growing likelihood that clinicians will encounter situations involving "pre-planned death by decisionally competent individuals," writes guest columnist Joel Yager, MD, of University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver.
However, some issues caused "Spec Ops: The Line" maker Yager to part ways with Deep Silver that same year.
The retailer also announced that Bob Yager will rejoin the Stop & Shop New York Metro division as senior vice president and division lead, with oversight of day-to-day operations.
The NYU Furman Center announced today the appointment of Jessica Yager as its new Executive Director.
City spokesman Kristy Yager says it's the first flood emergency in Oklahoma City's history.
Sharon Yager, director, does an excellent job maintaining a smooth operation.
com)-- Vermont artist Jesi Yager, granddaughter of former Springfield High School Art teacher Jack Bateman, has taken her art into the world of crowd-funding.
In each case, drivers took about twice as long to react as they did when they weren't texting," Christine Yager, who headed the study, told Reuters.
Understanding the issue of distracted driving is a constantly evolving process because it seems like every day, new technology comes out," says Christine Yager, an associate transportation researcher at the institute, who is the lead author of the study.
Jan Yager (author); THE FAST TRACK GUIDE TO SPEAKING IN PUBLIC; Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc.