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 (yä′gē, yăg′ē)
n. pl. ya·gis
A directional radio antenna consisting of a parallel array of similar elements in which only one element is directly connected to the feed line from the receiver or transmitter.

[After Hidetsugu Yagi (1886-1976), Japanese electrical engineer.]
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Noun1.yagi - a sharply directional antenna
directional antenna - an antenna that transmits or receives signals only in a narrow angle
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At a range of 10 km, the omni antenna is switched off and the Yagi (or pair of Yagis) that points in the optimum direction is switched on.
The array consists of six Yagi antennas directed outward radially from a center point at intervals of 60 [degrees], and a single quadrifilar helix antenna pointed upward.
When using permanently erected mobile units, roads may have to be cleared of overhanging branches (Hegdal and Colvin, 1986), especially for a null system consisting of two yagis spaced one wavelength apart (183 centimeters).