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 (yär′tsīt′, -zīt′)
n. Judaism
The anniversary of the death of a relative, observed with mourning and the recitation of religious texts.

[Yiddish, anniversary, from Middle High German jārzīt : jār, year (from Old High German; see yēr- in Indo-European roots) + zīt, time (from Old High German; see dā- in Indo-European roots).]


(Judaism) Judaism the anniversary of the death of a close relative, on which it is customary to kindle a light and recite the Kaddish and also, in some communities, to observe a fast
[Yiddish, from Middle High German jārzīt anniversary; see year, tide1]


(ˈyɑr tsaɪt, ˈyɔr-)

Judaism. the anniversary of the death of a parent or other close relative, observed by lighting a candle and reciting the Kaddish.
[1850–55; < Yiddish yortsayt]
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When she was "blue," as my mother called the melancholy that came over her on yahrzeits and Yom Kippur, I could hear her lament, even when no words escaped her lips.
Last year his father passed away, and shortly afterward there was another death in his family, followed by a string of family yahrzeits and prayer "obligations.
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