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 (yär′tsīt′, -zīt′)
n. Judaism
The anniversary of the death of a relative, observed with mourning and the recitation of religious texts.

[Yiddish, anniversary, from Middle High German jārzīt : jār, year (from Old High German; see yēr- in Indo-European roots) + zīt, time (from Old High German; see dā- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Judaism) Judaism the anniversary of the death of a close relative, on which it is customary to kindle a light and recite the Kaddish and also, in some communities, to observe a fast
[Yiddish, from Middle High German jārzīt anniversary; see year, tide1]
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(ˈyɑr tsaɪt, ˈyɔr-)

Judaism. the anniversary of the death of a parent or other close relative, observed by lighting a candle and reciting the Kaddish.
[1850–55; < Yiddish yortsayt]
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When she was "blue," as my mother called the melancholy that came over her on yahrzeits and Yom Kippur, I could hear her lament, even when no words escaped her lips.
We couldn't tell.) Last year his father passed away, and shortly afterward there was another death in his family, followed by a string of family yahrzeits and prayer "obligations." It was these compounded bereavements that led him to monopolize the prayer stand where he droned with impunity.
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