yak butter

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Noun1.yak butter - butter made from yaks' milk
butter - an edible emulsion of fat globules made by churning milk or cream; for cooking and table use
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Wearing a camouflage military-style hat, she points to yak butter sculptures as evidence of the "diversity of Chinese culture.
He's the sort who's never happier than when snacking on aged yak butter while perched precariously mid-way up a mountain.
Would this Adil man enjoy tea in which floated lumps of yak butter in Nepal because it was traditional?
For our last full day in Nine Villages Valley, we headed out on a two-hour drive to the Zhi Ma Tibetan eco-tourism village, where, in a yak herder's home hung with strips of drying pork, we ate lunch, drank yak butter tea (an acquired taste, I can tell you).
It displays photos showing Tibet's beautiful landscape and a wide variety of plateau products for sale that range from highland barley liquor and yak butter tea to dried yak beef and herbs.
There is no one here to offer us yak butter tea, no one chanting or playing drums.
Dairy art enthusiasts can thank ancient Tibetan monks for first carving animals and deities of worship out of yak butter with colorful dyes.