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Noun1.yak butter - butter made from yaks' milk
butter - an edible emulsion of fat globules made by churning milk or cream; for cooking and table use
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I have finished frying khasai (wheat strips fried in yak butter), and I am almost ready for Losar,' she said.
Along the way she'll hear about the powers of yak butter and meet nuns who practise kung fu.
Nadiya is in Nepal to learn more about their little-known food culture, which includes the delightful sounding yak butter, snails and barbecued buffalo.
Lhasa, the capital, is a Potemkin Village, a tourist area with great antique shops and colourful monks in saffron robes, occasional pilgrims on their knees, white scarves and yak butter tea.
Three warm hats equals to one sheep, half a dozen plastic watches equal two sheep or a goat, and 10kg of tea or 5kg of flour equal to one yak.A secondary currency is yak butter, stored in the stitched stomach lining of a dead goat or a sheep.
Its focus on Siberia and Siberian shamanic practices, as well as peculiar ingredients like pine nuts, cloudberries and yak butter, are aimed at evoking visions of stark and unspoiled natural terrain.
He was weak with altitude sickness while travelling in the mountainous region - until he drank yak butter tea.
Dave Asprey, the founder of a bulletproof line of products, claims the motivation for his product line came in a Nepalese village where he was energized by yak butter tea.
We drank Tibetan tea, made with rancid yak butter. It was utterly disgusting.
Wearing a camouflage military-style hat, she points to yak butter sculptures as evidence of the "diversity of Chinese culture." As we walk around the rugged, whitewashed walls of the labyrinthine complex, she pulis monks away from their work and prayers, insisting that they spend ten minutes posing with her for photos.