yam family

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Noun1.yam family - yams
plant family - a family of plants
genus Tamus, Tamus - a genus of tuberous vines of the family Dioscoreaceae; has twining stems and heart-shaped leaves and axillary racemes
Liliales, order Liliales - an order of monocotyledonous plants including Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae and Iridaceae
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Especially now that they come closer to actual skin tones, whereas those early brands made one look like something from the yam family.
The botany section that follows focuses on specific families - Araceae (yam family) and the iconic Rafflesia, while a final chapter provides an overview of the Park's biotic diversity.
All are composed of metal rods and cara, a starchy member of the yam family native to the New World, which is one of the oldest cultivated foods in the Americas.