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 (yăm′ər) Informal
v. yam·mered, yam·mer·ing, yam·mers
1. To talk volubly and often loudly.
2. To complain peevishly; whine: "Congress grumbled and yammered about putting up the money for the new plane" (Thomas J. Fleming).
To utter or say loudly or in a complaining tone.
The act of yammering.

[Middle English yameren, to lament, alteration (probably influenced by Middle Dutch jammeren, to lament) of earlier Middle English yomeren, from Old English gēomrian, gēomerian, from gēomer, sad, sorrowful; akin to Old High German jāmar, perhaps ultimately of imitative origin.]

yam′mer·er n.


1. to utter or whine in a complaining or peevish manner
2. to make (a complaint) loudly or persistently
3. (Zoology) (intr) (esp of an animal) to howl or wail plaintively or distressingly; yelp or yowl
4. Also: yammering a whining sound, wail, or utterance
5. nonsense; jabber
[Old English geōmrian to grumble, complain; related to Old High German iāmar misery, lamentation, Old Norse amra to howl]
ˈyammerer n


(ˈyæm ər)
Informal. v.i.
1. to whine or complain.
2. to talk loudly and persistently.
3. to utter clamorously and persistently, esp. in complaint.
4. the act or noise of yammering.
[1275–1325; < Middle Dutch jam(m)eren, replacing Old English gēomrian to complain, derivative of gēomor sad, c. Old Saxon, Old High German jāmar]
yam′mer•er, n.
yam′mer•ing•ly, adv.


Past participle: yammered
Gerund: yammering

I yammer
you yammer
he/she/it yammers
we yammer
you yammer
they yammer
I yammered
you yammered
he/she/it yammered
we yammered
you yammered
they yammered
Present Continuous
I am yammering
you are yammering
he/she/it is yammering
we are yammering
you are yammering
they are yammering
Present Perfect
I have yammered
you have yammered
he/she/it has yammered
we have yammered
you have yammered
they have yammered
Past Continuous
I was yammering
you were yammering
he/she/it was yammering
we were yammering
you were yammering
they were yammering
Past Perfect
I had yammered
you had yammered
he/she/it had yammered
we had yammered
you had yammered
they had yammered
I will yammer
you will yammer
he/she/it will yammer
we will yammer
you will yammer
they will yammer
Future Perfect
I will have yammered
you will have yammered
he/she/it will have yammered
we will have yammered
you will have yammered
they will have yammered
Future Continuous
I will be yammering
you will be yammering
he/she/it will be yammering
we will be yammering
you will be yammering
they will be yammering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been yammering
you have been yammering
he/she/it has been yammering
we have been yammering
you have been yammering
they have been yammering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been yammering
you will have been yammering
he/she/it will have been yammering
we will have been yammering
you will have been yammering
they will have been yammering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been yammering
you had been yammering
he/she/it had been yammering
we had been yammering
you had been yammering
they had been yammering
I would yammer
you would yammer
he/she/it would yammer
we would yammer
you would yammer
they would yammer
Past Conditional
I would have yammered
you would have yammered
he/she/it would have yammered
we would have yammered
you would have yammered
they would have yammered
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.yammer - cry loudly, as of animalsyammer - cry loudly, as of animals; "The coyotes were howling in the desert"
let loose, let out, utter, emit - express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words); "She let out a big heavy sigh"; "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand"
2.yammer - complain whininglyyammer - complain whiningly      
kvetch, plain, quetch, complain, sound off, kick - express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness; "My mother complains all day"; "She has a lot to kick about"
snivel, whine - talk in a tearful manner


[ˈjæməʳ] VIquejarse, gimotear


vi (inf: = moan) → jammern
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