yank off

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w>yank off

vt sepabreißen
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And third, yank off some of those long, silver clarinet keys and you have yourself a nice little shank.
A dancer tried to yank off Madge's flowing matador cape as she climbed some stairs, but the fastening failed to give and she hit the deck in spectacular style.
As defined in SB 95, a dismemberment abortion is Judge Larry Hendricks performed when sharp metal tools are used to grab and yank off limbs of a living, well-formed, unborn child inside the mother's womb.
Filmmakers, actors and other artist have voiced out their strong disappointment at the decision to yank off the controversial movie.
Later researchers dismissed the idea, questioning whether the young cowbirds could even grasp and yank off the parasites.
Then I grabbed him and pulled at his precious hair with one hand, while trying to yank off his jewellery with the other.
HATE-FILLED Michelle Eager is today behind bars for trying to yank off a woman's religious headgear.