yard line

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Noun1.yard line - in footballyard line - in football; line parallel to the goal lines indicating position on the field
line - in games or sports; a mark indicating positions or bounds of the playing area
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The Redskins went 4 and out and give the ball back to SOV on the 29 yard line to start the second quarter.
Linebacker Dan Shaw recovered a muffed punt by West Coast's Gary McNey and Wilson ran in from 18 yards and then quarterback Richard Wilde, having fired a 50-yard pass to receiver Phil Grove, dived over from the one yard line.
"These properties are conveniently located on the proverbial '50 yard line,' featuring high quality tenants that have been embraced by the Surprise community," said Stephen Latimer, managing director for ING Clarion.
Using his data, and the equation, Romer estimated a value in future points of getting a first down at each yard line. The value of having first-and-10 at your own one-yard line is minus 1.6, but by the time you reach your own 15, the value hits zero, or neutral.
Then Skipper and Mike Oatridge helped move the chains to the Trojan 28 yard line from where Thomas lofted a bomb that veteran wide receiver Tom Wilson hauled in with a spectacular over-the-shoulder juggling catch for the score.
The players react to the cue by sprinting to the yard line in that direction, touching it with the indicated hand (coach's discretion), then sprinting back to the starting line and assuming the ready position.
Striker John McGlashan failed to connect on the six yard line but Brownlie was on hand to ram the ball home.
The scores would determine the class and the yard line for Saturday's shoot.
1): The athlete straddles a yard line in a three-point stance, facing the cone five yards in front of him.