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The important thing is to know that these rangefinders will actually skip certain yardages altogether and be off by a considerable margin at other distances.
Muirfield Village and Augusta National, where Spieth (above) won the Masters seven weeks ago, boast similar yardages and scoring averages, so that too will play into the Texan's hands.
Note your yardages with each wedge as you progress.
A LOT of club golfers don't pay enough attention to yardages and this is especially true of high handicappers.
The key then is to know your yardages for each club, but not only for a full shot but for half swings also.
Ithink it's actually good for me to do my own yardages every now and then to get myself more into the game than I have in the past.
He knew the yardages,he knew where the pins were.''
He might not be as sharp in terms of the yardages and he might mistake the direction and strength of the wind.