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Noun1.yarder - (used only in combinations) the height or length of something in yards; "the golfer hit a 300-yarder to the green"
combining form - a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
linear measure, linear unit - a unit of measurement of length
2.yarder - a winch (or system of winches) powered by an engine and used to haul logs from a stump to a landing or to a skid road
winch, windlass - lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder turned by a crank on which a cable or rope winds
References in classic literature ?
And, considering that the hour-glass they turned from year to year was filled with the earthiest and coarsest sand, the Bleeding Heart Yarders had reason enough for objecting to be despoiled of the one little golden grain of poetry that sparkled in it.
Gregson is the smartest of the Scotland Yarders," my friend remarked; "he and Lestrade are the pick of a bad lot.
Riise, having fluffed a free kick delivery, then saw his swerving 30 yarder from the rebound touched over the bar by Maksic on 47 minutes.
The only machine capable of moving Volkswagen-sized boulders and mature felled trees up and down such unstable and steep terrain is a swing yarder, a mammoth crane normally used for clearcutting operations.
The pounds 900,000 bargain buy from Crystal Palace then hit a thunderous 30- yarder just over the top as City wilted and the pressure rose.
Valerie Wade, a college student, fifth generation Oregonian, and daughter of a logger, had climbed to the top of a ninety-foot yarder spar pole to hang a banner.