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 (yâr, yär)
1. Agile; lively.
2. Nautical Responding easily; maneuverable. Used of a vessel.
3. Archaic Ready; prepared.

[Middle English, from Old English gearo, ready.]

yare′ly adv.
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those flower-soft hands/That yarely frame the office." (2.2.209-11)
Survivors include his wife; his parents; five sons, Jacoby Caldwell of Springfield, Lucio Tobon-Mendoza of Washington, and Nahum Tobon-Mendoza, Josue Tobon-Mendoza and Abraham Tobon-Mendoza, all of Mexico; two daughters, Senella Caldwell of Springfield and Yarely Tobon-Mendoza of Mexico; five sisters, Blanca Tobon, Silvia Tobon and Clara Tobon, all of Springfield, Guillermina Sanden of Eugene and Maria Tobon of Veracruz; three brothers, Jose, Juan and Gregorio, all of Springfield; and one grandchild.