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Adj.1.yarn-spinning - inclined to tell long and involved stories (often of incredible happenings)
communicatory, communicative - able or tending to communicate; "was a communicative person and quickly told all she knew"- W.M.Thackeray
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site for its yarn-spinning plant, its chairman, Yafu Qiu, listened to the advice of his friend the chairman of Shandong Sun, Hongxin Li: Check out Arkansas.
Unfortunately, when 'Siphayo's' yarn-spinning tack shifts to a genre reminiscent of the low-budget erotica of the '90s-there's a nymphet bathing full-frontal with door ajar, a peeping tom, a concupiscent lay in the hay on a rice field, etc.
I can only reply that you know your family's reputation for veracity and yarn-spinning a whole heck of a lot better than I do, so, respectfully, I'll leave that part of the answer to you.
And at the centre of all this feisty, imaginative, yarn-spinning Comity somehow picks her way through the dreadful problems life hurls at her, not least her ghastly family in the city.
Administrators sold Axminster's yarn-spinning facility in Buckfast about three weeks ago in a separate deal.
uk WALES TODAY-FEB 3: Celebrate the art of yarn-spinning at National Storytelling Week.
Just as manuals urge harassed parents of young children to ensure they have a weekly "date night" to enjoy each other's company, so world leaders stand a better chance of devising solutions to climate change, global debt and nuclear proliferation in the airless confines of a summit if they can draw on reserves of rapport and trust forged through evenings of yarn-spinning.
But in this case, the visual effects are even more seamlessly integrated into the story, never overwhelming its delicate balance of existential dread and old-fashioned yarn-spinning.
The ratings continue to reflect the company's above-average financial risk profile marked by comfortable debt protection measures, and the benefits that the company derives from its promotersa[euro](tm) experience in the yarn-spinning industry.
Oxfam gave women cash grants to remobilise them, replaced coir yarn-spinning machines and gave them new tools to do the same jobs faster.
Brown's personal childhood reminiscences, yarn-spinning capabilities, and research in UMCA mission archives yield an engaging, popular-style tale.
I had been expecting some 'old showbiz' yarn-spinning and 'luvvie' flattery when what I got were blunt answers from a grizzled veteran.