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also yash·mac  (yäsh-mäk′, yăsh′măk)
A veil worn by Muslim women to cover the face in public.

[Turkish yaşmak.]
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Noun1.yashmac - the face veil worn by Muslim womenyashmac - the face veil worn by Muslim women  
head covering, veil - a garment that covers the head and face
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With more than 55 outlets in seven countries, Al Yashmac has reinvented the art of designing jalA[degrees] abiyas without losing its distinct link with the Arab culture.
Some of the partner outlets at Manar Mall where the Intima' loyalty card can be used are Giordano, Hang Ten, G2000, Bossini, Chilis(F&B), Rivoli, Al Jaber Optical, Patchi, Sony, XOXO, Pastamania (F&B), Nine West, Ajmal, Marco Azzali, Nayomi, Optifashion, Atlas Jewellery, Sanrio, Redearth, Urban Concept, First Choise, Al Yashmac, Mikyajy, ELC, Funcity, and Accessorize.
On the second day of the event, collections from Al Yashmac (Saudi Arabia) and Al Motahajiba from Qatar, were displayed on the ramp at BurJuman.