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n.1.A jade; an old horse or mare.
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Some living in Loi Tai Leng have had to leave behind its relative security to seek work in neighbouring Thailand or other areas of Shan State, Yawd Serk said, but he's helping to provide basic support to some families.
Yawd Serk provided an account in his diary, stating that there were three important factors which led him to settle close to the Thai border.
(38) Yawd Serk is particularly proud of this military training, which he says concentrates on all-round instruction, including intellectual studies and ethics.
The T-shirts feature images of marching soldiers and the SSA-S flag, as well as Yawd Serk's portrait and written message: 'Today we have a leader.
Yawd Serk told me what he would say if he could visit the UN in New York.
Yawd Serk stated that he supports Aung San Su Kyi and the National League for Democracy.
Yawd Serk, seventeen when he became one of the General's young soldiers.
Yawd Serk winds down the window in his silver pick-up truck and smiles at a group of schoolgirls, none of them older than twelve.
They voluntarily join (us) to fight for revenge, but the SSA will not allow them in battle until they are 18," Yawd Serk said.
SSA and junta delegates met secretly near the Thai border Friday, Yawd Serk said.
It also called for the end of forced relocation of Shan people in the area, Yawd Serk said.
One would remember Nang Khur Seng (Nang Nu), a spokesperson for the Shan, whose eloquence captivated the Burmese audience over the BBC and VOA, a teacher in the Shan resistance protested to Yawd Serk, one day for demanding two of her students to sleep with him.