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v. yawned, yawn·ing, yawns
1. To open the mouth wide with a deep inhalation, usually involuntarily from drowsiness, fatigue, or boredom.
2. To open wide; gape: The chasm yawned at our feet.
To utter wearily, as while yawning: yawned his disapproval of the silly venture.
1. The act of yawning.
2. Informal One that provokes yawns; a bore: The movie was nothing more than one big yawn.

[Middle English yanen, alteration of yonen, yenen, from Old English geonian.]

yawn′er n.


(ˈyɔ nər)

1. one who yawns.
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Noun1.yawner - a person who yawnsyawner - a person who yawns      
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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Despite months of rhetoric about imposing new and "tough" sanctions on the Islamic Republic, the actual bill that emerged from the committee was a yawner.
Bradley has had a history of struggling to cash in at the box office while Pacquiao is coming off a yawner of a superfight against Mayweather.
We thought Garmin's first-gen D2 watch was a yawner in the cockpit, although it worked well as a sports watch since it was born from the company's Forerunner cachet.
For starters, most restaurant meals pack around 1,000 calories, so anything in that neighbor hood is a yawner.
Specifically, it is an historical survey of the search for proofs of God's existence, but such a description by itself might make the book sound like an academic yawner, good only for those studying historical apologetics or the philosophy of religion.
Why watch it: The romance is a yawner, seriously, but the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman is terrific as a struggling, former child actor, and Reuben's best friend.
For most of the sunny, windy, chilly afternoon, this was a yawner.
While the FAEC-Khobar was little more than a yawner the Falcons and Jakals set the stadium alight with pulsating action on the hardwood floor.
So let me get this straight: the team with the best win-loss record - and the highest national ranking - in the Pac-12 Conference is sitting on the sidelines while Stanford and UCLA get a re-do of their yawner game this week?
Talk of constitutional theory might be a yawner to many Americans, but it shouldn't be.
NASA has seen budgets grow and shrink, personnel hired and laid off, and its efforts sometimes viewed as awe-inspiring, other times as a yawner.
HIPAA Compliance - This issue is the sleeper of the century - a real yawner.