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Gaping open; cavernous: a yawning abyss.

yawn′ing·ly adv.
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Tope with his large keys, and yawningly unlocks and sets open.
By the centenary of partition in 30 years' time, I want to feel honour-bound and yet yawningly familiar with the Indian "lest we forget" archive footage being rolled out again, the recorded memories of those who lived through partition, even while being moved and deeply respecting their sacrifice.
Stodeport yawningly interrupted: "Oh, let the child alone
I can report that the stalls, where I was sitting , was yawningly empty, with only a quarter of the seats taken up.
There can't be another occupation where the gap between academic theo- reticians and day-to-day practitioners is so yawningly vast.
Countless others have, of course, far surpassed my meagre Oxford-inspired efforts - from prime ministers to Olympians and Nobel Prize winners, their achievements swamp my yawningly lame litany.
But all little Jamie says, yawningly, from the bed is, "Goodnight.
From the Carl Andre retrospective at Dia:Chelsea (a show that tidily sanitizes his involvement in the death of artist Ana Mendieta) to the various Mel Bochner shows doing the rounds, a waning generation of highly saleable but yawningly outdated artists are enjoying a last spasm of investment muscle from the one-per-center art world .
The discrepancy between how Frost was perceived in America and how he was perceived in Britain was not just wide but yawningly so.