tr.v. cleped (klēpt, klĕpt), cleped or clept (klĕpt) or y·clept (ĭ-klĕpt′) or y·cleped (ĭ-klēpt′, ĭ-klĕpt′), clep·ing, clepes Archaic
To call; name.

[Middle English clepen, from Old English cleopian, to cry out.]


 (ĭ-klĕpt′) or y·cleped (ĭ-klēpt′, ĭ-klĕpt′)
v. Archaic
A past participle of clepe.

[Middle English icleped, from Old English geclepod, past participle of gecleopian, to call : ge-, verb pref.; see kom in Indo-European roots + cleopian, to call.]