1. One who has a confidently positive attitude.
2. One who tends to agree uncritically with others.
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Also, he overworks it, in part because he is himself--undisguisedly--an idealistic and even sentimental yea-sayer. Although he employs the dichotomy as a means of enabling us to enter into the characterizations with a feeling response, he does not eliminate the difficulties of doing so; he writes about Antony, for example: We have seen that Nays and Yeas read the same words and disagree.
It was a delight to read the profile of Carl Forsman ("Yea-Sayer," Dec.
The third yea-sayer is feminist Gail Godwin, author of Evensong (1999) and other novels.
Several authors have worried that a proportion of DC respondents "yea-say." A strict yea-sayer would answer "yes" to a DC question regardless of whether the bid value asked is larger or smaller than their true WTP.
Hijacking the theater of politics, as it were, turning it into a puppet show, casting each and every yea-sayer in his useful role, normalizing unruliness, he will steer the ship in any direction he pleases.
If the "nay" votes beat the number of yea-sayers, the exit door of the eurozone for Greece will open wide.
It might still flop, making early yea-sayers like me look daft.
Wealthy since an early age and surrounded by yea-sayers, it's easy to see how her dark side was spawned.
One man who may convert more naysayers to yea-sayers is John K.
Add to the obeisance of the yea-sayers the quiet capitulation of the majority, and injustice and untruth will gain the upper hand.
Environmental technologists are yea-sayers. We agree with Shinji Fukukawa of Kobe Steel in Japan that "we must find ways of simultaneously achieving both economic growth and preservation of the environment." We believe that whoever puts the "eco" back into our economy will create jobs, enrich our lives, and lead the world into the twenty-first century.
Despite his voters, his myriad counselors and his limitless power, he is surrounded by an inert mass of "yea-sayers" and profiteers.