year 2000 compliant

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a.1.(Computers) having dates fully and properly represented, and not susceptible to failure due to the year 2000 bug.
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Imagine a managing agent who maintains maintenance or common charge records on a computer system that is not Year 2000 Compliant.
Also, since 1994, HCSO has developed more than 1,000 programs and made them Year 2000 compliant.
As a practical matter, the solution to this problem may be to buy new equipment - new computers and new versions of your software that are year 2000 compliant.
Goodman explains that year 2000 compliant applications should be able to fully manage and manipulate data spanning both centuries without triggering any Improper events or number assessments.
Key suppliers supporting the core business elements or product delivery to customers present risk if they are not Year 2000 compliant.
Production systems, R&D systems, after sales systems and other information systems Based on testing and verification to date, Nokia's critical production systems, after-sales systems and its R&D systems are Year 2000 compliant.
The Discover Y2K software program identifies all hardware and software on a computer that is not Year 2000 compliant from a database of approximately 4,000 non-compliant computer applications.
During the past six weeks, a team of approximately 25 people from Avnet Electronics Marketing Group, the Computer Marketing Group and ISD, have executed almost 20,000 overnight tasks and 10,000 online transactions to confirm that Avnet's critical business systems are indeed Year 2000 compliant.
700/98 is latest addition to the company's portfolio of connectivity solutions that are both Year 2000 compliant and centrally manageable.
According to testing and verification, most of Nokia's infrastructure related products and terminal products, including mobile phones, display products, digital multimedia terminals and battery chargers for mobile phones are Year 2000 compliant.
The United Illuminating Company has completed the necessary upgrades to its critical systems and they 100% Year 2000 compliant.
Fujikura initially decided on the upgrade to its existing system because it was not year 2000 compliant and did not integrate its planning, finance and production departments.