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 (kăv, käv)
v. calved, calv·ing, calves
1. To give birth to a calf.
2. To break at an edge, so that a portion separates. Used of a glacier or iceberg.
1. To give birth to (a calf).
2. To set loose (a mass of ice). Used of a glacier or iceberg.

[Middle English calven, from Old English *calfian, from calf, calf.]
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Noun1.calving - giving birth to a calf
birthing, giving birth, parturition, birth - the process of giving birth


[ˈkɑːvɪŋ] nparto (di bovini)
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The cows were all year-round calving and, 12 years ago, a threeway cross of Montbeliarde, Brown Swiss and Holstein was introduced, resulting in cows with great legs and feet, described by cattle auctioneer Jonny Dymond, from Halls in Shrewsbury, as "exceptional".
The 285-acre part-owned farm is home to a 200-cow high yielding dairy herd on year-round calving.
However in most year-round calving systems, less than 75% of the adult cows are milking.