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adj. yeast·i·er, yeast·i·est
1. Of, similar to, or containing yeast: yeasty dough.
2. Causing or characterized by unrest or agitation; turbulent: the yeasty days before the new government was established.
3. Frothy; frivolous: a yeasty comedy.
4. Full of productivity or vitality; exuberantly creative.

yeast′i·ly adv.
yeast′i·ness n.
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But cava is no Champagne copycat; local grapes Macabeu, Xarello, and Parellada add yeastiness and a toasty hazelnut edge.
Its red fruit and spice love the chorizo, and its yeastiness links to the pastry.
Some yeastiness, and some sweetness," said homebrewer Andy Tipler.
He owned a flour mill, and although I don't bake much, I like to think I can detect a trace of yeastiness from all the bread that must have been baked in the house in those early years.
The two main alternative ways to introduce carbon dioxide (CO2) are fermenting in the bottle (as with Champagne), which imparts a bread dough-like yeastiness, or fermenting in a tank, which enhances fresh, fruity grape flavors.
The other half is about the nostalgia--Russ & Daughters smells of "the brininess of herrings and pickles; the yeastiness of freshly baked bagels and bialys.
Made predominantly from the champagne grapes of chardonnay and pinot noir, plus a spot of chenin blanc, it has a bit of citrussy zing, a bit of toasty yeastiness and bags of bubbly presence.
99 in Waitrose) and is always good: a quality wine, by any standards, with a fresh, slightly floral aroma with just a little yeastiness and a deliciously clean, crisply dry, apple-like flavour.
There's a strong flavor of honey without any sense of it being overly sweet or the yeastiness so typical of generic beer brands.
There was 'a yeastiness in the air that was due to a great deal of unrestrained and irreverent frivolity', and 'an air of continuous improvisation'.
It's got some yeastiness and a good bitter/dry finish.