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Adj.1.yeastlike - of or resembling or containing yeast
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CandiSelect (Bio-Rad) was used to identify yeastlike fungi.
It begins with something backward-- gardenia tucked behind the ear as if scent could hear its undoing the fantastic bodice of a space no larger than this plump of sweetness, yeastlike, tropic it begins with a turning, a trope, that fragrance spiraling the cochlea and the body confused by the enchantment of the wrong orifice wrong passage--it was after all where music should be unwinding, cry shedding its epithelial layers, the tac-tac of someone entreating, far away, some door .
In situ hybridization for the identification of yeastlike organisms in tissue section.
After 4 days of incubation, smooth, creamy, yeastlike colonies were grown on DTM.
The FDA guidelines stated that the acceptable count of yeast and yeastlike fungi for flour was at 10 cfu/g and any number beyond 100 cfu/g in one more more samples would cause the lot to be rejected as this indicates potential health hazard or imminent spoilage.
The Grocott-Gomori methenamine-silver nitrate stain allowed the better visualisation of chains of darkly pigmented, spheroidal, yeastlike organisms (Figure 3).
Subsequent histologic examination of skin biopsy specimens from all patients showed granulomas and yeastlike organisms.
Current, the microorganism favoured as a fermentation agent is a yeastlike fungi called Saccharomyces cerevisiae (MENDES-FERREIRA et al.
57), (58) "The ability to switch between a yeastlike form and filamentous form is an extended characteristic among several fungi.
INTRODUCTION: Cryptococcosis is an infection caused by the yeastlike fungus, Cryptococcus neoformans.