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v. yelled, yell·ing, yells
To cry out loudly, as in pain, fright, surprise, or enthusiasm.
To utter or express with a loud cry.
1. A loud cry; a shout.
2. A cheer uttered or chanted in unison.

[Middle English yellen, from Old English giellan, gellan; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

yell′er n.
Synonyms: yell, bawl, bellow, holler1, howl, roar, shout, whoop
These verbs mean to say with or make a loud cry: troops yelling as they attacked; a drum major bawling out orders; a coach bellowing with rage; a sailor hollering a warning; a patient howling with pain; a crowd roaring its disapproval; fans shouting their enthusiasm; children whooping at play.
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Noun1.yeller - someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voiceyeller - someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice
communicator - a person who communicates with others
crier - a peddler who shouts to advertise the goods he sells
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References in classic literature ?
She had one o' them yeller telegram letters after you went away this afternoon, and she won't be back for three days.
An' there you was," disappointedly, "no more black than me--for all you're so yeller."
He's still long on promises and short on details, and he's still grumpy and a yeller. But, mainly, Sanders is no longer the lone insurgent challenging the quintessentially establishment figure.
CANARY YELLER Jamal Lewis (right) celebrates promotion with Ben Godfrey
"He then asks security to locate the yeller and escort him out."
She eventually moved to Manhattan, where she staged at a number of diverse upper-echelon restaurants, and she even appeared in a season of Hell's Kitchen, the intense reality show starring noted yeller Gordon Ramsay.
No one needs to relive Old Yeller to induce catharsis.
Oluo is the author of the New York Times Bestseller So You Want to Talk about Race who often describes herself as an "internet yeller." Her remarks, however, were delivered in a tone I'd describe not simply as quiet but as sincerely simmering, conveying a genuine desire to enlighten the rapt audience before her.
I wasn't a big yeller, for me it was, 'Can I get point across, and can these guys go out and execute what I'm trying to get done?' That was good for me.
I'll give you a clue, While Scousers the world over tuck into our stew They're scoffing Scouse in Sydney while surfing on Bondi Beach In Reykjavik they like it thick, lots of vodka within reach There's tartan Scouse in Inverness wi' whisky, neeps and tatties In Mumbai they add curry paste and make sarnies with chapatis A million clicking chopsticks mix Scouse with rice in China Japanese guzzling sushi-Scouse agree there's nothing finer In the Middle East they love to feast on Scouse (they like it blind) With peaches, dates and aubergines, and lemons (including rind) Spanish mums add saffron to make it nice and yeller 'Ole' they shout when they bring it out ...
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