yellow dock

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Noun1.Yellow dock - European dock with broad obtuse leaves and bitter rootstock common as a weed in North Americayellow dock - European dock with broad obtuse leaves and bitter rootstock common as a weed in North America
sour grass, dock, sorrel - any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine
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Herbs such as gentian root, dandelion root, yellow dock, and barberry bark are well-known bitters.
Herbal bitters, such as gentian, wormwood, dandelion, and yellow dock, will help with bile absorption and with the whole digestive process.
It features a blend of pomegranate, stevia leaf, honeybush, burdock root, yellow dock root and red clover.
* Rumex (Yellow dock): Dry cough from a tickle in the pit of the throat.
"Some of these are weeds, for heaven's sake!" We've been conditioned to think of dandelion, plantain, stinging nettle and yellow dock as "the enemy" in our gardens and yards.
The samples included Barberry Bark, Golden Seal Leaf, Golden Seal and Yellow Dock. The data were collected in 12 seconds (16 scans at 8 [cm.sup.1] resolution) over the full mid-infrared range (4000 to 400 [cm.sup.1]).
Using proprietary technologies, SPL produces a variety of certified organic, kosher and fresh freeze-dried herb powders, including nettle, red clover, ginkgo, dandelion, parsley, yellow dock, skullcap and burdock.
"Interplant" (by not weeding out) selected weeds; try purslane, lamb's quarters or amaranth with your corn, chickweed with peas/beans, and yellow dock, sheep sorrel or dandelion with tomatoes.
And because the herbs don't taste that great, the fruit and vanilla over-rides the bitterness for a refresh-ingly sweet drink.'' But while the stars are chasingsuperimmunity with yellow dock root, St John's Wort, astragalus and ligustrum, it seems that Merseyside revellers prefer fruity cocktails packed with nat-ural nutrients.