yellow dog

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yellow dog

1. A mean or contemptible person or thing.
2. A staunchly loyal member of the Democratic Party who consistently supports other Democrats.

[From Southern regional yaller dog, yellow dog, mongrel dog with a yellowish coat, cowardly dog. Sense 2, so called because it was said that such Democrats would vote for the party's candidate even if it nominated a yaller dog.]

yel′low-dog′ adj.
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yel′low dog′

a cowardly, despicable person; craven.
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References in classic literature ?
Wherefore he was held in high reverence, and when the two other gentlemen were hanged for lying the Theosophists elected him to the leadership of their Disastral Body, and after a quiet life and an honourable death by the kick of a jackass he was reincarnated as a Yellow Dog. As such he ate the Ashes of Madame Blavatsky, and Theosophy was no more.
And the parrot in its cage and a fat yellow dog. And they're all making themselves pleasant to Jerry, the wealthy future son-in-law, something awful.
'I told you about the fat yellow dog that permeated the Tuxton's house, didn't I?
"Now you," he says to the yellow dog, putting him out through the door.
"I don't approve," he says, fierce, "of folks keeping great, fat, ugly, bad-tempered yellow dogs that are a nuisance to all.
A yellow dog that's spent most of his life in a cheap New York flat, sleeping in a corner on an old sateen underskirt (the one she spilled port wine on at the Lady Longshoremen's banquet), mustn't be expcctcd to perform any tricks with the art of speech.
Here is the appearance of purchaser as supplied at the Arcade:-- looked like a military gentleman; tall, dark, and rather dressy; fine Roman nose (quite so), carefully trimmed moustache going grey (not at all); hair thin and thoughtfully distributed over the head like fiddlestrings, as if to make the most of it (pah!); dusted chair with handkerchief before sitting down on it, and had other oldmaidish ways (I should like to know what they are); tediously polite, but no talker; bored face; age forty-five if a day (a lie); was accompanied by an enormous yellow dog with sore eyes.
"I know your kind--brave as lions when it comes to pullin' miserable, broken-spirited bindle stiffs, but as leery as a yellow dog when you face a man.
It dealt, of course, with the beauties and singularities of the place, the streets, the people, and the quantities of unowned yellow dogs.
"Is that the yellow dog you were looking for?" the UPS driver asked.
He's a busy boy outside of his acting career, fronting a rock band called Yellow Dog, DJing and being part of a comedy troupe called Screaming Mess.
Finney (California State U., Long Beach) uses detailed analysis and criticism to explore such noted works as Time's Arrow, Einstein's Monsters and 2004's Yellow Dog, noting how Amis' father, also a novelist, was a driving force in his son's life and career.