yellow fever

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yellow fever

An infectious tropical disease caused by a flavivirus transmitted by mosquitoes of the genera Aedes, especially A. aegypti, and Haemagogus and characterized by high fever, jaundice, and often gastrointestinal hemorrhaging. Also called yellow jack.

yellow fever

(Pathology) an acute infectious disease of tropical and subtropical climates, characterized by fever, haemorrhages, vomiting of blood, and jaundice: caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito of the species Aedes aegypti. Also called: yellow jack or black vomit

yel′low fe′ver

an acute, often fatal, infectious febrile disease of warm climates, caused by a togavirus transmitted by a mosquito, esp. Aedes aegypti, and characterized by liver damage and jaundice. Also called yellow jack.

yel·low fever

A life-threatening disease caused by a virus and characterized by fever, jaundice, and internal bleeding. Yellow fever occurs mainly in tropical regions of Africa and Latin America and is transmitted by mosquitoes.
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Noun1.yellow fever - caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquitoyellow fever - caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito
infectious disease - a disease transmitted only by a specific kind of contact

yellow fever

nfebbre f gialla

yel·low fe·ver

n. fiebre amarilla, enfermedad endémica de regiones tropicales debida a un virus que es transmitido por la picadura del mosquito hembra Aedes Aegypti y que se manifiesta con fiebre, ictericia y albuminuria.
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Bor added that the survey will also determine the presence of species, density, infectivity of yellow fever virus vectors in various ecological zones.
These claims led to the screening of this medicinal plant for its antiviral activity against yellow fever virus which is a major public health concern.
aegypti interacted with populations to ensure that the yellow fever virus flourished in the Neotropics.
In vitro and in vivo antiviral properties of sulfated galactomannans against yellow fever virus (BeH 111 strain) and dengue 1 virus (Hawaii strain).
Vertical transmission of the Yellow Fever virus by Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae): Dynamics of infection in F1 adult progeny of orally infected females.
Similar to the treatment for wild-type yellow fever virus infection, the treatment for YEL-AVD is largely supportive.
Kiple here fails to recognize that in any human society, there are always a sizable grouping of newcomers and strangers--newborn babies, infants and young Children--and that, in areas where yellow fever is locally endemic (and where no vaccination program has intervened), the yellow fever virus almost always has access to youthful human hosts.
These mosquitoes transmit yellow fever virus and dengue virus, which can cause dengue hemorrhagic fever.
NASDAQ:BCRX) today announced proof-of-principle data demonstrating that BCX4430 is efficacious and well tolerated in a preclinical disease model for evaluating efficacy against yellow fever virus infection.
Furthermore, our estimated date and location of introduction is consistent with that determined for the introduction of yellow fever virus (YFV) into Brazil (9), indicating that the geopolitical conditions at this time may in fact have facilitated the introduction and subsequent spread of several different viruses into this area.
The final study analysis included 112 healthy men and women ages 18 to 50 years who had not previously been exposed to dengue or related viruses such as West Nile virus and yellow fever virus.
The SI scores of our three (3) compounds tested for yellow fever virus were 100, 267 and 287.