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Noun1.yellow iris - common yellow-flowered iris of Europe and North Africa, naturalized in United States and often cultivatedyellow iris - common yellow-flowered iris of Europe and North Africa, naturalized in United States and often cultivated
fleur-de-lis, iris, sword lily, flag - plants with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals
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There are plenty of suitable plants, such as yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus), the flowering rush (Butomus umbellatus) and pontderia, a pickerel weed with cylindrical spikes of blue flowers.
Yellow Iris brighten up the margins of a pond Ponds can be a wonderful little oasis in any garden but ASK DIARMUID QI HAVE a very large jasmine plant in a pot which hasn't flowered for years, but the foliage is lovely.
In the poem, Krolow gives us delightfully aromatic lines like, "alone in the garden abloom, and / it was no accident / there were peonies, rhododendron, those yellow iris, / a logical blossoming.
The news has been greeted with a mixture of anger and astonishment as Y Morfa is popular with walkers and home to water voles, rare species of birds, such as Sedge and Grasshopper Warblers, as well as flora and fauna like Crack Willow and Yellow Iris.
Stepping into his backyard last week, I would have to say -- although I am not a physician -- that the result of Calig's efforts is just what a doctor might order to reduce stress: the calming sound of a waterfall gently cascading into a pool of giant koi, black taro, yellow iris and canna lilies.
The yellow iris is an astringent, and licorice may inhibit melanin production.
Following their success, their battle flags were redesigned, using three yellow iris flowers to replace the three black toads.
Marsh marigolds, purple loosestrife, yellow iris, bogbean, ragged robin and water mint will all grow happily in waterlogged soil and attract lots of insects.