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A larva of any of various darkling beetles, especially Tenebrio molitor, which infests flour and other grain products and is often used as food for birds and reptiles and as fish bait.


(Animals) the larva of various beetles of the genus Tenebrio, esp T. molitor, feeding on meal, flour, and similar stored foods: family Tenebrionidae



the larva of any of several darkling beetles of the genus Tenebrio, that infests granaries and is used as food for birds and animals.
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Noun1.mealworm - the larva of beetles of the family Tenebrionidaemealworm - the larva of beetles of the family Tenebrionidae
family Tenebrionidae, Tenebrionidae - a family of arthropods including darkling beetles and mealworms
larva - the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose


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Moreover, the two insects used for the study, the black soldier fly or Hermetica illucens (HI) and the yellow mealworm or Tenebrio molitor (TM), can both produce a biomass high in protein and fat, by reclaiming nutrients, including AA and fatty acids, from manure and organic waste, said the researchers.
A number of species of darkling beetles infest stored food; the yellow mealworm, larger than most stored-food insects, is cultured in large numbers as food for animals in zoos and the pet trade.