yellow pimpernel

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Noun1.yellow pimpernel - trailing European evergreen with yellow flowers
loosestrife - any of various herbs and subshrubs of the genus Lysimachia
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"In my opinion it is disgrace when people not only make their own neighbourhood filthy, but also show this type of behaviour to the future generation.'' The idea has echoes of the infamous Yellow Pimpernel, who toured the streets of Huddersfield spraying yellow paint around potholes in the roads.
Wild flowers are our constant companions in our woodland glen; primrose blush shyly from sunny corners, milk-white wood sorrel, wild thyme, fox glove and yellow pimpernel brighten our days; tormentil, milkwort and purple orchid greet us when we go down to the village.
MAE panel efydd yng Nghadeirlan Llandf ac arno ddwsin o enwau blodau yn cynnwys yr enw Mair ynghyd lluniau ohonynt - Gold Mair (Marigold); Clustog Fair (Mary's pillow neu Sea thrift); Gwlydd Melyn Mair (Mary's Yellow Stem neu Yellow Pimpernel); Miaren Mair (Mary's Briar neu Briar Rose); Gwniadur Mair (Mary's Thimble neu Foxglove); Mantell Fair (Mary's Mantle neu Ground Ivy); Esgid Mair (Mary's Slipper neu Monkswood); Ysgol Fair (Mary's Ladder neu St.
Spring would come again: meadow buttercups; daisies, coltsfoot, gorse; cowslips in the fields; wood anemones; honeysuckle scent widespread on the hedge; hawthorn in Cae Cefn; yellow pimpernel in the wood below: all in glorious bloom - and the cuckoo would be singing!
Mr Hollingworth, who called himself "The Yellow Pimpernel", only revealed his true identity after the half-mile stretch of road was resurfaced.
The 69-year-old preacher, who called himself the Yellow Pimpernel, spent three nights marking trouble spots in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
I looked at the spray can - the can was yellow- so I replied I was the "Yellow Pimpernel".
But Brian - dubbed the Yellow Pimpernel - says his work is far from finished.