yellow ribbon

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yel′low rib′bon

a yellow-colored ribbon displayed as a symbol of solidarity with soldiers in combat, political hostages, etc.
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Her shoes -- of pink leather -- are fastened each with a bunch of yellow ribbons puckered up in the shape of a cabbage.
PEP Guardiola's decision to continue wearing a yellow ribbon after being warned about it was considered 'an act of defiance' by the Football Association, it has been revealed.
PEP Guardiola has accused Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn of failing to understand the significance of his controversial yellow ribbon.
The decision came unexpectedly in England, more than four months after the City coach began wearing the yellow ribbon.
By JOSEPH WANGUILawyers in Nyeri County declined to participate in the countrywide week-long yellow ribbon campaign announced by Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Isaac Okero.
The LSK will present the Yellow Ribbon petition to the Chief Justice, the Office of the President and the House Speakers.
Smith has many accomplishments, but the one that sticks out the most in the Reserve community is his contribution to the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.
Instead of opting for a Philippine flag pin, Aquino still always wears his campaign's yellow ribbon pin.
Staff nurse Sue Doyle said: "People make a donation - we suggested PS1 but it could be anything - and they get to put a yellow ribbon on the tree.
Today, his mum, Sheena MacColl, 49, will tie a giant yellow ribbon to the 188-yearold Royal Navy frigate HMS Unicorn in Dundee, seven weeks after he vanished.