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Adj.1.yellow-brown - of a medium to dark brownish yellow color
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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She delivered reproaches, swallowed potatoes and drank from a yellow-brown bottle.
The hat rested any way on her yellow-brown hair, that waved a little, was heavy, and clung close to her head.
The wood I walk in on this mild May day, with the young yellow-brown foliage of the oaks between me and the blue sky, the white star-flowers and the blue-eyed speedwell and the ground ivy at my feet, what grove of tropic palms, what strange ferns or splendid broad-petalled blossoms, could ever thrill such deep and delicate fibres within me as this home scene?
His face changed color the instant he read the first lines; his cheeks fading to a dull, yellow-brown hue, which would have been ashy paleness in a less florid man; and his expression becoming saddened and overclouded in a moment.
The appearance of the invert sugar syrups is transparent and sometimes yellow-brown and sticky consistency.
It manifests as symmetrically distributed, yellow-brown papules and nodules, involving face and flexures of body.
The pitta in the photos has buff (pale yellow-brown) underparts, a detail that rules out the hooded pitta, which has mostly green underparts.
THIS summer's heatwave is taking its toll on Britain's landscape including lawns, parks, golf courses and fields which have turned from lush green to a dry yellow-brown.
Beneath the enamel is a layer of tissue called dentin, which is yellow-brown. When the enamel layer thins or wears away, the teeth begin to look darker.
Amorphous urates (Na, K, Mg, or Ca salts) tend to form in acidic urine and may have yellow or yellow-brown color.
Come April or May, our santol tree becomes hitik, or packed with bunches of those round, yellow-brown fruits.