yellow-crowned night heron

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Noun1.yellow-crowned night heron - North American night heronyellow-crowned night heron - North American night heron    
night heron, night raven - nocturnal or crepuscular herons
genus Nyctanassa, Nyctanassa - American night herons
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A pair of summer tanagers visited Herrick Lake, and a yellow-crowned night heron appeared at Cricket Creek in Addison.
"White Pelicans," "Aviary," "Dove in Water," and "Yellow-Crowned Night Heron" belong to this grouping.
We've also had the endangered yellow-crowned night heron nesting in the area," says Dyer, an avid bird watcher.
Look for (clockwise from below), brown pelicans, white ibis, hermit crabs, red mangroves, the yellow-crowned night heron.